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Lina Stillman

Employment/Labor Attorney

Stillman Legal P.C.

"The Law Firm for the Working People"

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In the current legal environment, it is very important that you select a labor lawyer whose experience and knowledge are the most appropriate for your case. You must also make sure that the employment lawyer you hire provides the professional services you expect and deserve.

I have dedicated my entire legal career exclusively to the practice of labor law. By addressing the issue of your labor law, you can be sure that I will be representing you (and not a junior or paralegal associate); that I will respond promptly to all your questions; and who will receive:

Professional legal services exemplified by excellence, efficiency and commitment.

Good legal advice based on reliability, reliability and experience.

Fervent legal defense that is distinguished by objectivity, integrity and loyalty.

My varied experience offers clients the benefit of a diverse perspective. Having exclusively exercised labor legislation, I have represented unions, both in the public and private sectors; Corporations as internal and external lawyers; and individuals in all areas of work and labor legislation. In summary, because I have worked in all aspects, I am very familiar with the claims, defenses, strategies and tactics used by all the parties that generally participate in the labor legislation cases.

I have successfully represented clients in federal and state courts; in arbitration before the Human Rights Division of the State of New York; the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC); the Department of Labor of the State of New York and the United States; the National Labor Relations Board; and the Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board of the State of New York.

I have degrees from Syracuse University, Parsons School of Design and The Rutgers Law University in Newark, New Jersey.
If you have any questions about your rights in the workplace or believe you have been denied those rights, call us or contact us online immediately for a FREE consultation.


Lina Stillman
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