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Alex Mahgoub

Associate Real Estate Broker


"If it's Brooklyn Real Estate...It's Alex Mahgoub."

(347) 575-3344








With over 15 years of experience, Alex Mahgoub has been involved in over 300+ residential real estate transactions across New York City.

Alex provides clients with guidance, resources, and the support they need to be successful. He is a tenacious partner that’s adept at guiding others through all economic cycles, whether bull or bear. His expertise extends across all neighborhoods and property types including co-op, condo, and townhouse sales, giving him the unique ability to present his clients with specific information as well as accurate, real-time market overviews.

He brings his breadth of knowledge and scope of experience to every transaction, seeking to deliver exceptional service and that consistently exceed client expectations. From first-time homebuyers to seasoned real estate experts and investors, Alex’s clients are both domestic and foreign-based, a diverse group from top tier technology executives to partners at law firms, and more from financial, media, entertainment, and real estate worlds.

Alex is enthusiastic, hardworking, and discreet and is a sought-after partner for buyers and sellers alike. He loves working with people and is highly entrepreneurial, charismatic, compassionate, and kind. Alex becomes a trusted real estate advisor for life as it is not uncommon for Alex to work with the same clients year after year and most of his business is referrals from past and current clients, looking to help friends and colleagues succeed in a tough real estate market. His client testimonials are a testament to his ability to perform at a high-level for a variety of clientele.

“I know my clients are busy people. And they need me to simplify things in an ever-changing real estate market. It’s about data, market knowledge, and providing a strategy to help navigate a complicated and complex process.”

His negotiation skills, upbeat energy, diplomacy, and diligence make him a superior asset in any real estate transaction. Alex has a reputation for his dedication to his clients, attention to detail, being honest, direct, and able to communicate effectively. His relaxed confidence, engaging personality, positivity, and outstanding professionalism set him apart.

“It’s about being patient and disciplined, especially when things can get intense and emotions can flare. Having a sense of humor and knowing how to keep calm, becomes a very powerful tool,” Alex says. “It also helps to be likable, a keen listener, and a careful negotiator.”

A natural-born problem solver, with an uncanny ability to think outside the box, Alex quickly became an expert at identifying others’ needs and providing a hands-on approach and plan to help his clients achieve their goals.

Originally from Trenton, NJ, Alex has lived in Edison, Piscataway, and went to Rutgers University in New Brunswick, where he studied English Literature & Theater Arts. He has lived in New York City since 2007 and currently resides in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn where he has lived for 10 years.

You can see Alex six times a week at the Brooklyn Chelsea Piers, every morning to start his day. An avid reader of Barron’s and Bloomberg Businessweek, Alex enjoys trading equities and following financial markets. Traveling is his greatest hobby. Memorable visits include Argentina, Amsterdam, Brazil, Bermuda, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Chile, the United Arab Emirates, England, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, and Portugal.

You can read more about Alex on his website


Alex Mahgoub
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