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Jonathan Taylor

Life, Disability, and Long Term Care Insurance

Northwestern Mutual

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Before we can speak intelligently about the products and services that might be appropriate for you, your family, or your business, I need to understand your journey. This requires an honest conversation and understanding about your objectives, the past experiences you have had around financial planning, and the story behind what money means to you. Before you can feel comfortable sharing your goals and dreams with me, you need to get to know a little about me.

Besides a trusted financial advisor, I also aim to be a true friend, traditional family man, and tremendous advocate for community causes. But these don’t all feel like separate endeavors because the secret to them all is the same: Doing whatever it takes…to help! I believe that making life better for someone means getting them from where they are, to where they want to be. And my goal is to support others in reaching theirs. The values I bring to all of these professional and personal pursuits are simple: To do things that are good. To be good at what I do. And to be a good partner in doing them.

When I worked in my family’s business, I learned early that being of service starts with understanding someone’s goals. Because, once those are clear we can then get to the real work…of meeting their needs. By bringing these lessons to everything I do, I’m able to help people clarify what they want, while also showing them how to get it. Sometimes it involves expanding their perspective, and other times reducing their fears–but in every case we create pathways to their success.

It’s well known where to look for success; it’s in the details! Which makes me thankful that I was originally trained as an engineer, and that this concept is still a part of me. So instead of creating electrical control panels and checking circuits, I’m now creating with others control of their financial future and checking in as they progress. Through this I share the lesson I learned long ago–that getting the big job done means getting the little things right.

As a huge fan of puzzles and competitions, I couldn’t help but sign up for “Adventure Hunt 2017”, New York City’s local version of the popular TV Show “The Amazing Race.” Before this event I got ready to encounter clues, solve brainteasers, and do someTHING amazing. But little did I know that on that day I would actually find someONE amazing! Elizabeth Taylor started as my competitor, then my reluctant partner in the race…and we are now dedicated partners as husband and wife!

We live in the Lower East Side of Manhattan with our two cats, Cheesy and Crunchy (who yes, were named after some of our favorite fast foods!) Together, Lizzie and I share our passion for bicycling, traveling, being foodies, and making hook latch rugs. We also like to challenge ourselves…with brain teasers of course!

The reason I’m grateful for every day is that I’m doing the things I was meant to do. The passion and joy I bring to my endeavors is fueled by the people I do them with–my clients, colleagues, and collaborators, all of whom I consider my family. And because I am helping others achieve their dreams, I know that I am living mine!


Jonathan Taylor
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