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William Clanton

Business Advisor

Precise MGMT

“When You’re Ready to Take Your Business Higher, Call a Precise Advisor”

(718) 791-4627








William is a highly-sought business advisor who specializes in accounting. He also writes, speaks, and teaches small business owners and professionals how to how to transform their life by transforming their business.

Will oversees this strategy with Precise MGMT, Inc., where he serves as the Founder & Managing Director. Through years of experience, he has amassed knowledge in tax planning, management consulting, technology consulting, and business leadership that sets him apart from his peers. As Will has seen first-hand time and again over the last 20 years, many small business owners get stuck when they lack credible information and reliable advice to help them grow and properly plan their business. Armed with the tools business owners need for success, Clanton and the Precise team lead the charge to overturn these obstacles.

He is passionate about serving his community and is committed to empowering small business owners to scale & grow their business.

Precise MGMT is setting the bar to help small business owners never worry about their numbers again.


William Clanton
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